Thursday, December 20, 2007

Counting down...

One more day of work - tomorrow - and then I am on vacation! So looking forward to it, but I know it will fly by too quickly. Before I know it, we'll be in that desolate, long-weekend-less stretch that is January, February and March...when is Easter this year? Must look at a 2008 calendar.

Sometimes I feel like I am wishing my life away, longing for the next holiday or vacation...But let's face it: vacation is more fun than work.

Poor Moon, he really needs a vacation. He woke up this morning and asked what day it was. He's been on call this week, which messes with his sleeping and wears him right out.

A co-worker brought a big box of timbits to the office this morning and I have been eating them all day. Not good.

Finished reading The Thirteenth Tale last night - excellent read, highly recommend it. Trying to decide what to read next. I have a tantalizing stack of books, sitting there on a shelf waiting for me and my upcoming vacation...Thinking I should start a book blog - so many books, so little time.

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