Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My desk job is making me fat...

Still feeling blah. But here anyway.

Borrowing from Sara over at The Flying Trapeze , a little article about how your desk job detracts from your weight loss efforts:

A New Way to Control Weight?

Now, this makes a huge amount of sense to me - sitting all day is bad for the waistline. Problem is: I gotta work, and my job requires working at a computer. Saying that you need to get up and "putter" is all very well, but how much puttering are we talking here? Because I gotta think that if I spend all my time wandering around, my boss is not gonna be happy.

So, what constitutes enough movement to make a difference?
~ getting up to use the restroom?
~ getting up to heat my lunch in the microwave?
~ my daily (unless the weather is extremely crappy) walk to the nearby mall?

Sigh. What is a chubby computer programmer to do?


Crabby McSlacker said...

That's a tough one. I hear even just standing up when you can, or doing those little fidgetty movements in your chair can help keep the metabolism moving a little. (I naturally make weird little circles with my feet when I'm not paying attention, and sometimes find myself rocking back and forth if I've had too much coffee).

But unless you've got a private office, too much chair-spazzing might get you labelled a weirdo.

Maybe another possibility is making your lunch walk a brisk one, or even throwing in some pushups or jumping jacks or something if you can find somewhere to do them or someone to do them with so it doesn't feel too weird.

(Note--I was too lazy to click on links today, so if I'm repeating whats in them, sorry!)

Erin said...

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That is a tough one! And I feel your pain because I sit at my desk all day too. The thing is... we have to get out and excercise after work then. It's the only weigh around our sedentary day jobs. Go for a long fast walk immediately after work and you will see results.

A body ball at work may help too. You could try switching your desk chair for a body ball instead. It will help your posture in that it forces you to sit up straight. It will also help you develop stronger abs because it forces you to keep your core engaged (almost like flexed) and will strengthen the tummy under the fat... so when you burn off that fat by all the walking you do.. you'll have muscles under there waiting to see the light of day.