Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday blues...

Overslept this morning - which is to say when I came to enough to look at the clock, it was 6:20 and I figured I didn't have time to haul myself out of bed and do a workout, so I stayed there until 7:00. Now that I'm actually conscious, I know that I could have squeezed in a short workout which would have been better than nothing.

The weather has turned chilly...Yesterday's high was -10° C, right now it is -18, according to the weather page, but we can look forward to a high of -5. We've been keeping the thermostats turned down to 15° C and heating the house with the wood stove, but since it doesn't get lit until we get home from work, it's making for some chilly evenings. Which sends me right back to sitting on the couch under a blanket, with a couple of felines on my lap to keep me warm. Forget "puttering", I'm turning into a frozen lump. I know that I would warm up and feel better were I to get up and move around, but I just don't wanna.

Last year I was home for most of the winter and kept the wood stove going all day, so the house was pretty toasty. I could even have the window open during the day so the cats could get out into their enclosure, and the house was warm - once it really gets going the basement turns into a sauna.

Of course, the cats don't seem to want to go out in this weather anyway. I open the window and they mostly just look through the screen with disgusted looks on their faces. Heaven forbid they expose their delicate paws to snow!

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