Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leftovers: Take 2

It was actually warm in the office today which was such a relief after yesterday. I don’t know if they had the heat completely shut off for the long weekend or what, but it was pretty unpleasant yesterday.

I dressed for it today – one of my new sweaters from Thursday (the argyle one, with the long sleeve button down shirt underneath) and I wore knee socks and tall boots with my jeans. I was nice and cozy today.

It’s still pretty chilly outside – the high today was 6 degrees Celsius – quite a drop from the temps we have been having. Poor Frankie,  he wanted a walk today when we got home but I just couldn’t face it. Maybe tomorrow – we’ll see.

Right after work I did my workout for the day – today was supersets. It’s a pretty quick little workout, takes 15 – 20 minutes. I made myself a 30 minute playlist in iTunes; did a little warm up; did my supersets, then just danced around my basement until my play list ended. It was fun – I just didn’t feel like anything more serious today.

Then, we finished off the leftovers for supper tonight. All we had left was stuffing. I almost tossed it last night but I think “waste not, want not” is just ingrained too deep. So I put it in the fridge and figured I’d see what Husband wanted to do today. This morning Husband asked what we were going to have with our leftover stuffing for supper, so that made the decision right there.

So, nothing fancy tonight and I won’t claim this was the healthiest meal in the world but….

Carrots & cucumber with a little dip:


The last of the stuffing with an egg and Johnsonville breakfast sausages:


I actually didn’t eat all of the egg because it wasn’t quite cooked enough; it was still slimy in the middle so I just ate around the edges. And yes, I know a lot of you like your eggs runny. I think you are all nuts. No offense.

Interesting post over on We Are The Real Deal today about blogging and triggers. It’s something that I have thought about – do we just say what’s on our mind? Vent and get it off our chest? Or do we worry about who we might offend or upset? What do you think?

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