Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to get started


Vacation has been fun, but now it’s time to get back to the normal routine.

First, I owe you my usual month end review.

Good-bye December…


My final workout of 2009 – a walk in the snow with my Mom.


On the way back, we met a group in a horse drawn sleigh.

The Final Tally

Dec 26: Walk in the woods with my mom[40 mins]
Dec ??: The FIRM Hard Core Fusion
Dec 19: Gentla Hatha Yoga #1 + Workout A x2[40 mins]
Dec 17: Burn & Firm Pilates DVD[45 mins]
Dec 15: Treadmill walk/run[30mins]
Dec 14: Workout B x3[30 mins]
Dec 13: Treadmill walk/run[30 mins]
Dec 12: Workout A x2[25 mins]
Dec 10: Treadmill walk/run[40 mins]
Dec 09: Workout B x3 + Treadmill walk[40 mins]
Dec 08: Treadmill walk/run[40 mins]
Dec 07: Workout A x3[30 mins]
Dec 05: Workout B x2[15 mins]
Dec 04: Treadmill walk/run[32 mins]
Dec 02: Workout A x2[20 mins]

Yeah, so things kinda went downhill at the end of the month. I don’t feel bad about taking the time off though and I’m ready to start January’s Challenge!

This Month’s Plan

I have signed up for a month of online coaching with Lindsey at Lean Bodies Health and Fitness. I had been in touch with Lindsey a couple of weeks ago, but then with the busy holiday season I kept forgetting to get back to her and confirm until this weekend. She was kind enough to put together a program for me right away so that I could get started.

I did my first workout on the plan today after work, and I would say it’s going to be an interesting month!

I’m also archiving my weigh-ins again (see previous post) – time for another clean slate.

And now, I’m off. That piano is still calling my name.  :)


Missicat said...

Good luck on January's challenge! Started my pilates last night after a too long break - ouch!!

JavaChick said...

Thanks Missicat!