Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can't believe it's only Wednesday...

Somehow it seems like it should be later in the week than only Wednesday. But that may be because I have been counting off the days until Moon comes home - which is late tonight! So, I have enjoyed my last night of ear plug free sleep, but I guess the trade off is ok. :)

I did not get in my workout last night, which is not good. Even worse, I did not get up again this morning. This whole luxuriating in bed thing has got to stop, so it's probably good that Moon will be home, snoring away again.

The Mahi-Mahi was not bad, I think I could get to like it. Very easy to cook - just throw it in the oven and bake. Fred, my cat, certainly thought it was good. He was all cute-sy and lovey-dovey and begging up a storm. So of course I shared with him. I am such a push-over.

I will definitely convince Moon to give it a try. I know that we should be eating fish because it's healthy. I used to eat it growing up and didn't mind it at all. I just don't feel like I know how to buy it or how to cook it. But this was pretty easy, so now I don't have any excuses!

Had a check-up/cleaning at dentist yesterday and my mouth is sore. Hate going to the dentist. Have to go back. I apparently have one molar with a piece broken off, so the dentist wants to fix it up. How do you break off a piece of tooth and not know about it?

Daily Record
Weight: 139 lb

BF: Multigrain Cheerios w/2% milk, coffee w/cream
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Mexican Crockpot Soup
Snack: Yogurt, strawberries, raspberries
Supper: Mahi-Mahi, stir-fried cauliflower, bell pepper & bean sprouts
Snack: Weight Watchers Smart Ones Double Fudge Cake

PM Workout: Crunch Pilates-Yoga Blend

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