Monday, November 26, 2007

Ready to have a good week.

Weekend was not bad. A few relapses, particularly last night. Let's just say my evening did not go as planned and leave it at that. But I should still be able to have a good week. I still have lots of Flex Points left.

I am on my own for the next few nights, Moon had to go to Toronto on business...Wah! But at least I have the cats to keep me company. Also, when I'm on my own it gives me a chance to have meals that Moon doesn't like. I'm thinking I might try some fish. We shall see. I still have some food in the fridge that needs to be used up.

4 pm.
Moon just messaged me to say he's heading for the airport. I'm all bummed out for some reason. He used to travel all the time for longer periods than this and I was fine. When he told me he had to go I felt bad for him because I knew he wasn't happy about it, but I wasn't worried about me. But I've been feeling all sad since last night for some reason and I felt like I was ready to tear up when he said good-bye. Sheesh. What's wrong with me?

Daily Record
Weight: 140 lb

BF: Multigrain Cheerios w/ milk, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Mexican Crockpot Soup, apple
Snack: yogurt, strawberries, raspberries.

A.M. Workout: Hi-Def Sculpt (incudes push-ups & crunches)

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