Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Weigh-in and Owie!

Weigh In: 136 lbs (no change)

So official weigh in day, and I am still at 136 lbs. I can live with that. I did step on the scale yesterday and see 135 which made me happy. It has given me a little extra motivation - I feel like it's within my grasp...Maybe next week!

And the Owie...We have a portable dishwasher which Moon hooked up before he came to bed last night. Which is good. When we bought it he promised me he would help out with it (dishes are a major issue since he refuses to wash them and I resent having to do all of it myself) but most of the time I seem to end up doing it. Anyway, there is a mat on the floor in front of the kitchen sink area which he did not move out of the way when he hooked up the dishwasher. So this morning when I tried to move the dishwasher out of the way, it didn't move easily like it normally would (if the mat had been moved) and my foot slipped and I slammed my ankle into the bottom edge of the cupboard. Hit it right on that knobby ankle bone. Yeah. Owie. It's sore. I'm going to have a beautiful, colourful bruise.

Lunch out today, and no plan for supper which is not good. Oh well, one day at a time, right?

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