Friday, April 25, 2008


Weigh-in: 141.8 (-2.1 lb)

So, I'm back down around 142. This is good. Obviously not as big a change as I'd like to see, but still a 2 lb difference from last week.

This week's activity - 350 minutes of exercise, which is a little less than last week, but that's not counting the time I spent working in the yard last weekend which was certainly exercise! I walked/jogged 10.90 miles this week, and got in 3 non-walk/jog workouts.

I also tracked my calories in FitDay every day except Friday. I've decided to have Friday as a non-calorie counting day. I have a couple of reasons for this:

1) It's nice to have a break from obsessing about the numbers, and I think I need that. It gets tedious after a while.

2) It's too easy when you have a day or two where you get behind with the tracking to just give up and go crazy with the eating. I want to consciously have a day where I am not counting, but still paying attention to what I'm eating. Hopefully I can train myself to always be conscious of the choices I'm making, even if I am not tracking. I will allow myself a day to be less strict, but hopefully not overdo it. I'm going to still write down what I eat in the Journal section of FitDay (for now anyway), but not bother with the calorie total for the day. We'll see how it goes.

Um...thinking there was something else...Oh yeah, now I remember...

I finally broke down earlier in the week and updated my weight & goal information in FitDay. I set a short term goal to get to 135 lb by June 6 (first weigh-in day in June). When I updated my weight today with my official weigh-in, it told me I am 6.8 lb above my target weight, and I need to lose 1.13 lb/week to meet my goal. Kind of a scary number considering how slow things have been up to now. So, I'm really going to have to work hard. No more slacking off for me!

And finally, thanks to everyone for the support. The encouraging/commiserating comments really do make a difference and help me to keep going.


the Bag Lady said...

You can do it! Glad your numbers are down today - good for you.

meredi said...

Yay, 2.1 pounds, that's fantastic! :)

I hear you about taking a break. It is so tedious to count all... the... time. But I too get crazy on the eating when I don't. I need to train myself to be conscious of my choices regardless of whether or not I'm writing every little thing down.

Sometimes I track during the day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack) and then don't track dinner / after-dinner snack, because by then I have a sense of how many calories I have left to use up for the day. This usually works well unless I'm having a bad day, because I'll eat and eat and eat after dinner. :P

Anyway, best of luck with the 1.13 lb a week goal. I know you can do it!

Unknown said...

Saw your loss on the boards and wanted to say Congratulations!!!!! :) I know this is not exactly the amount you were hoping for but 2.1, awesome job. :)

I agree with the stuff you said. I generally do not watch as much (counting pts for me) on my weekly start day and on days that I have my long slow run - I find no use in this as I NEED to eat to fuel my body. Today was a double wammy! I enjoyed every bite of it! :) (really wasn't tooooo bad) ;)

Glad you have set some goals for yourself. Maybe there will be another challenge here and we can kick the scale's butt this time. :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Crissy Rae said...

Yeah! Great news about the numbers going down on the scale. I think you can reach your goal by June 6. Now that you know exactly what you're up against, you can put in the little extra effort to get there.

Angela Power said...

WOW! That's an AWESOME LOSS!! GOod for you!!!! Keep it up girl, you're doing fantastic!