Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seven Facts

I have been tagged, first by Bag Lady, then by Candlerun, to do this "Seven facts about Me" meme. It was hard work coming up with a list, let me tell you. I'm just not that interesting. But here it is.

#1 Is terrifed of spiders. She knows it is silly, but she can't help it.

#2 Hates mushrooms.

#3 Has lived in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick. She still thinks of Nova Scotia as home, even though it has been 11 years since she has lived there.

#4 Has been to Whitehorse, YK. She was there during the Summer Solstice, when the sun doesn't set. Many people stay up all night to see it. JavaChick slept through it. She thinks it's a cool idea and all, she's just not capable of staying awake that long.

#5 Went to Disney World for the first time when she was 33 years old. She went on rides, ate good food, drank fancy drinks, had her picture taken with Mickey Mouse. JavaChick also got ID'd twice when she and her friends went out on the town one night. JavaChick wants to go again. Not because of the ID thing. Because of all the fun stuff.

#6 Had her very first job in a shoe store. Given that JavaChick's shoe obsession began when she was just a young girl, this was perhaps not the best place to be working for her tiny wage, day after day, but work there she did, for two years. (JavaChick considered counting how many pairs of shoes she owns for this list, but was afraid she might not want to admit to the number once she knew the total.)

#7 Once threw a rock at her brother-in-law. Unintentionally. It was a beautiful spring day. JavaChick's sister and BIL were visiting for the weekend and volunteered to help with some yard work. They were all working away on a big flowerbed. JavaChick had just picked up a fair sized rock, when she looked down and saw a big, hairy spider crawling up her leg (see fact #1). All rational thought left JavaChick's brain as panic set in and the need to Get. Spider. Off. Now. took over. The rock went flying from JavaChick's hand as she reacted to the emergency situation. Unfortunately, the rock flew right at BIL and hit him. Fortunately it connected with BIL's hand and not hard enough to do any damage. BIL was very understanding, but enjoyed teasing JavaChick for the rest of the weekend...I'd help out with that, but, you hand. Ow! My Hand! The Pain!

So there you have it...Seven facts about me. Are you fascinated?

On with the mundane, every day stuff...

I had a pretty good day food-wise up until supper time. Then, while I was busy with supper preparations, Moon decided he wanted some chips & salsa, and therefore I must want some chips and salsa, and he proceeded to put some in a bowl for me and then ask me if I wanted it. I was all distracted with what I was doing, and it was already there in front of me so I said sure. Of course a minute later I was wondering why I needed to eat chips and salsa when supper was on the way. But it was there, so I nibbled while I was finishing up in the kitchen. I only ate about half of it, but I didn't need to eat any of it. And it's not fair to blame Moon, because I am the one who did the eating.

I did plan on doing a workout tonight, but I was really tired by the end of the day. Sometimes when I'm feeling tired and draggy, if I just get myself up and moving I start to feel better. I tried that last night and it didn't work. I had to really push myself to get through my workout. Since I'm still feeling wiped out tonight, I decided to give myself a night off and get back to it tomorrow - hopefully feeling more energetic.

Daily Record
Weight: 142.5 lb

BF: Steel cut oatmeal w/brown sugar, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Raw Cauliflower, WW Pita Bread & Hummus
Snack: Vanilla Yogurt w/strawberries & raspberries
Additional snack: 12 almonds
Supper: tortilla chips & salsa, salad, homemade pizza

Workout: Taking the night off


Crabby McSlacker said...

I love Nova Scotia!

However, I've only been there as a tourist, in the summer, so I'm not really qualified to have an opinion.

Great list!

the Bag Lady said...

Great list, Javachick! Thanks for playing along. I love Nova Scotia, too, and have a family connection there.
And I, too, hate and despise spiders. When I read the story about the rock and the spider crawling up your leg, I got all shivery and had to make sure there wasn't one crawling up MY leg.... eeeuuuuwwww.
Hey, I had chips and salsa for supper. Homemade salsa. Melted a little cheese on some lime flavoured chips; yum. (The Cowboy wasn't home for supper, so I indulged myself!)