Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not a lot to say today. Started out a little dreary and rainy, but turned sunny. Tracked my calories, did my workout, feeling tired and ready for bed. Still not happy with the scale. That's about it.

Daily Record
Weight: 143.1 lb

BF: Steel Cut Oats w/brown sugar & milk, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Raw cauliflower, WW Pita bread, hummus
Snack: 1/2 cup raspberries & 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
Supper: Hawaiian Ham & brown rice (leftover) and some veggies.

Workout: 60 minutes on the treadmill (3.20 miles)
4 x 3 min jogging intervals


Erin said...

You just keep it up - the scale will move!! Stay positive :)

Unknown said...

ec is right - stay with it.

Myself, I am heading over to someplace to use a treadmill to get myself out of my slump...

the Bag Lady said...

For a change of pace, you could always come out west and chase some cows around...:)
That might get you out of your slump!

Crissy Rae said...

Keep your eyes on the end results and you will get there! Don't let the scale get you's not my friend, either :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitty! She looks like my old cat, Honey.