Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coriander Flowers

Though I have grown herbs in previous years, I don't remember ever looking all that closely at their blossoms, until this year.

The first ones that actually caught my attention were these Coriander flowers. Or Cilantro, if you prefer - I always refer to the plant as Cilantro, but the spice (from the seeds) as Coriander, and somehow Coriander flower just seems to sound better to me.


The petals are so delicate, and faintly pink which I had never realized.


The are so tiny though, that it is easy to miss...


Especially when your first concern is to keep your herbs from going to seed because you want to keep harvesting them.

I actually took these photos almost a month ago, and it has been in my mind ever since that I wanted to post them. So I decided today would be the day.

On the weight loss front
I did indeed take last night off from exercise. Being sore from workouts is one thing, but in this case I was concerned that I had overdone it and I didn't want to end up with an injury. Back at it today though, with the next phase of Charlotte's Kettlebell Experiment and then a lower intensity cardio workout - still felt I should take it slow, just in case.

Still keeping up with my Beck reading, and eating has been going well this week.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! And so tiny! You're right, coriander flower does sound better than cilantro flower. :)
Way to take a rest day.

Unknown said...

Ah... you always take such beautiful pictures... :)

Sometimes we just need some time off from our workouts... I think it really helps in the end.

The Merry said...

Yeah, Charlotte's kettlebell exercises look fairly low-intensity, but those dang weights can get you all the same... It's better to go slow if you might risk getting hurt. (Says she despite her many in-a-hurry injuries.)

the Bag Lady said...

Pretty little flowers! I'm not a cilantro fan - something about the intensity of the taste, perhaps, that puts me off.
Don't injure yourself working out!

~Laura said...

I love cilantro!! It is great in homemade salsa and taco meat. My eating today has not been very healthy oriented. I just cannot find anything that satisfies my appetite today:(

Unknown said...

Oh- I didn't realize until just now that coriander and cilantro are the same thing. I sure feel silly!

I like coriander. Not a big fan of cilantro though. So I like your name for the flowers:) And they are so pretty!