Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday's Garden Interlude

I went out to check on my Tomatillos today. I'm trying to decide if they are ready to pick. I don't have much experience with Tomatillos, you can't even buy them at the store around here. A couple years ago I noticed the seeds in my Vesey's Catalog, so decided to give them a shot. The were grown in a pot on the deck that year.


This is my second time growing them. What I remember from last time is that they are ready when the fruit grows large enough to fil out the husk. I think we're close, but a little more time on the plants would be good. Since the weather seems to be staying warm and sunny for the moment, I will leave them for now.

It really was a beautiful day. A shame I spent most of it sitting in an office. I think that is a benefit of having the garden; it gets me outside more because I have something to do.



I'm quite disappointed with my pepper plants this year. I have grown peppers before in pots on my deck. They usually did quite well. I wouldn't get huge peppers from the plants, but I would get a few off of each plant. This year it looks like I won't be getting much at all.

This is a Gypsy Pepper; it's a sweet pepper, in a pale yellow-green colour. I've got 3 or 4 tiny little peppers on my two plants. Plants which are not nearly as big and bushy as they should be.


And my one little Jalapeno.


There is a second one on the plant, but something has been chewing on it.


I have grown these varieties before with no problem, not sure why they didn't work this year. I also planted some Tequila Peppers, which are a purple pepper; another variety that I have grown in pots previous years, and I don't think I'm going to get anything on them this year. I had tried a new variety, called Carmen, but they died soon after they were transplanted.

Ah well. I will try again next year. If it ends up not working out again, I suppose I can go back to pots!

And as usual, I had company.



Gardening. Quality time with the Fabulous Felines. Just finished my workout for the day. Think it's time to head off to bed.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures. I love your cat.

JavaChick said...

Thanks! It's actually 2 cats, but they do look like twins. :)

Unknown said...

Geez... you could have your own farmer's market with all those different things you are growning! lol Good for you! :) I am so impressed with all the different things you managed to grow in that little garden plot.

the Bag Lady said...

Too bad about your peppers not producing. I've never been brave enough to plant mine out in the garden - always grow them in pots on the covered deck. And wow, have they ever produced this year!
Shall I send you some?


Never mind when you can pick your tomatillo's... but what the heck do you do with them when they ARE ready?

JavaChick said...

What will I do with the Tomatillos? Excellent question!

My sister is coming to visit next weekend and she has requested a Mexican night. I am thinking we will do something or other with the tomatillos then...Stay tuned!

...And Bag Lady, if you can get those peppers here in time for Mexican night, that would be great. Thanks!


the Bag Lady said...

Next weekend? Email me your address!!!! We'll give Priority Post a workout!