Monday, September 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

Woke up to a dark, rainy, windy day. Hope what's left of my garden survives the gale.

May have overdone the workouts this weekend - quite stiff & sore this morning.

If anyone is curious about my workouts and what I'm eating these days, you can check out my Peer Trainer log (See the logo on the side bar? Click there).

Kept up with my Beck Diet reading this weekend. Go Me!

Got to work and discovered someone swiped my pens. I had two Papermate ballpoint pens on my desk - nothing fancy, but my pen of choice - and they were both gone. Obviously they are someone else's favourite pen as well. Who takes pens from someone else's desk? I can understand if you need a pen and can't find one anywhere else (hello, it's an office, why not try the supply area?), but why take both pens?

Guess that's better than the mechanical pencils that went missing. At least the pens came from office supply. I bought the mechanical pencils myself.

Incidentally, there were pens in the supply area. Just no more of the Papermate ones.

I rest my case.

By the end of the day, the sun was out. When we left town and got out to our house, it was downright warm. My garden may survive a bit longer after all.

My legs are still complaining - particularly my calf muscles. Was going to walk on the treadmill, but thought maybe I shouldn't even do that. Then I thought maybe I'd skip it and make today a rest day. Then I read this which makes me think I can never have a rest day again. Matter of fact, I may was well just get rid of the sofa altogether, because sitting down, outside of work hours, is obviously not an option. Ever. Sheesh.


~Laura said...

Hate to hear you are sore but great job on the workout! Hope the garden survived...

Anonymous said...

I love "married with cats" on your about me section. :) We have a lot in common already!
I hope the soreness feels satisfying! Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours, it looks awesome. :)

the Bag Lady said...

Sheesh - wish I hadn't read that!


The Merry said...

Good to know I can blame the ancestors for bequeathing me the gene for wide hips :)

Anonymous said...

any chance for a massage for you?

(uh, that looks awkward. Im not OFFERING :) just suggesting....)


Shirls said...

that would totally tick me off, I have a weird pen thing, I don't like people touching or using my pens, ick! weird though cause I don't think I'm over germaphobic, I just got a pen thing.. LOl

Crissy Rae said...

Keep in mind that sore muscles mean you must be working hard and those results are going to be great!