Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lessons Learned

Thank-you for the responses to my misery post last night. After sleeping on it, here are my thoughts...

Lesson the First
It's true it was just one day. Or one evening out of one day. Which makes it seem like not such a big deal. Problem is, I think I have these "just-one-days" too often. In this case, it was coming after a span of a few days where I knew my eating was not where I needed it to be in order to lose weight, and I wanted the rest of my week to be...well...Perfect!

Still, guess you have to accept the fact that life happens and move on.

Also, had I those hours to live over again, would I make the same choices? Yes and no. I think I would still eat the chips and salsa. I was hungry and we all deserve some chips & salsa now and then. I did not feel overly full after, so I'm thinking that maybe the little extra was not such a bad thing. I would pass on the Rum & Coke though. I had it too late in the evening, and on top of all the water I'd already had, it made for not such a great sleep as I was up 3 times to go to the loo.

Lesson the Second
The last couple days of Beck Diet reading have been about identifying sabotaging thoughts and learning to combat them. I went to bed last night thinking that there was a lesson to be learned here, a pattern to identify, but I was to rum soaked tired to nail it down. When I woke up this morning, I had it.

I don't want to say no to the salsa & chips because I feel like I will be missing out on something.

Ok, so first off, if I say no, I won't be having the chips & salsa (or whatever it is), so technically I am missing out, but is that the end of the world?

Back in my single days, when I was living by myself, grocery shopping for me only, I used to have this little mantra that I would recite to myself as I walked past tempting things: Just because I say no to the potato chips [or brownies, or ice cream, etc] today does not mean I will never have them again; I can have them another time. I actually found that worked quite well for me.

However, I don't live by myself anymore. So here is what happens now...

Late Summer 2007...

JavaChick makes a batch of salsa, going through the trouble of canning it. JavaChick proudly surveys the pretty jars and thinks to herself what a treat it will be in the winter to have salsa made with local, sun-ripened field tomatoes. Yum!

JavaChick's Husband sees jars of salsa and thinks: Woo hoo! Tasty snacks! JavaChick's Husband then proceeds to steadily consume JavaChick's little hoard of salsa.

JavaChick soon realizes that there is only one jar left and instructs Husband that jar is hers, so he'd better leave it alone.

So it doesn't always work as well now. Because sometimes when I think "oh, I'll have some of that later"...when later comes, it's not there. Still not the end of the world though, right?

Anyway, enough sob stories from me. I got through today without any feeding frenzies and I just finished my workout. All is good. Plus, I have my buddies keeping me company. Who can be miserable with Fabulous Felines for company?


Anonymous said...

read and reread this a few times.
Im in a weird place this morning as a friend lost her husband out of the blue.


have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how we think sometimes? I often struggle with the same thing 'feeling' that I would be missing out if I don't have it again, or I won't taste it again. That often happens around here where I tell my son and hubby not to touch the rest of something so I can have some. Not a good thought...

Well, you are on the up though, realizing more about yourself, and just did a kick butt workout. Be proud!

Unknown said...

So true about the cats.

Am so glad you're feeling better- and lessons ARE learned! Keep positive JavaChick!

~Laura said...

Your feline friends are soooo pretty!

I now exactly what you are talking about and struggle with the same thing from time to time....let's see just like today and all the crap I have eaten and right now I want a PBJ sandwich!

~Laura said...

BUT, dust yourself off and know it is all OK. One bad day - even if they are a little often is not as bad as everyday being bad!

the Bag Lady said...

Was another of the lessons learned "Make MORE salsa!"? That was one of my lessons last year.

Similar scenario - made lots of salsa and canned it, then one of husband's FRIENDS would visit, eat a jar of salsa while he was here, then beg for one to take home..... All too soon, there was none for us!

But beyond that -- life is for living, and the occasional chips and salsa evening with your hubby is more important than fitting into that next smaller size.

Make a pact with yourself (and with him, if he will) to be as diligent as possible with your eating plan for six days of the week. The seventh day is for a "date night" with hubby where you can eat whatever he chooses (within reason!) Perhaps that will help - if it is actually IN your plan to have that one night off.

Goodness, I did prattle on, didn't I?