Wednesday, September 24, 2008

View from the hammock

The weather has been really nice this week. Sunny and clear. The evenings are shorter though, so there isn't as much time to enjoy it. By the time dinner is over with, it's starting to get dark.

I've been having a cranky week, and I've been blaming it on all kinds of things...But I think a big part of it is this project I'm responsible for at work. I think it's really stressing me out more than I realized.

I finally finished the bulk of the work today. There will likely be clean up work, etc, but I met my deadline (though it wasn't the deadline I was really stressed about, I don't think, more the value of the project - if that makes any sense at all). I was finishing up little tasks right to the end of the day, and realizing that Husband was probably outside in the car waiting for me already and it was time to pack up and go.

I got home and I was standing in the kitchen, looking out at the blue sky and sunshine thinking what I really want to do is go out and lay in the hammock for a while...But I don't have time for relaxing in the hammock right now...But there might not be many hammock days left...So went my thought process.

I decided that I didn't have a lot of time, but I could spare a small window of time and that would be better than nothing.

So off I went, camera in tow because I always take my camera when I go out into the cat enclosure. You never know when the cats might do something cute, or perhaps I will see some deer.

I settled myself in the hammock and enjoyed the view. And I decided it was worth sharing. So here it is...

View from the hammock...








And this was actually taken last night, from my living room window...But I think it fits the mood.



Anonymous said...

My favorite place to be is in my hammock on a cool day, staring up at the sky through the leaves! I will try to make time for that this weekend.

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, I love the view from your hammock! Actually, I think I would love the view from ANY hammock!

Your sunflowers look a whole lot better than mine do now. The hard frost killed 'em dead. ~~sigh~~

Missicat said...

I love it! I need a hammock! Though it might not fit in my condo. *sigh* Did the cat jump in with you?

JavaChick said...

Missicat - Yes the cat decided to join me on the hammock, so I took those two pictures while the cat was sitting on me. :)

Crissy Rae said...

How nice and relaxing to have a hammock in the yard. Great pictures..I love the kitties and the deer.

~Laura said... pretty and relaxing! We have a hammock out in the workshop that we have never put up....I need to have the hubby take care of that for me;)