Monday, November 2, 2009

October Review/November Plan

Completely forgot about this yesterday - I really was so tired and feeling crappy last night.

How Did I Do Overall?
So, October was Month One of the Fit Chick Express Lose 10 lb for the Holidays Challenge. I received an e-mail from Angie yesterday with the following questions:

It's been one month since we started the challenge!

*How are you doing?

*Have you set your weekly and monthly goals?

*Are you tracking your foods and getting in all of your workouts?

*Have you taken your measurements and before pictures?

My main goal has been to follow the workout plan, but of course I am making an effort to eat sensibly as well. The workouts went well, the eating was sometimes good/sometimes bad...In other words, pretty much status quo.

As usual, I tracked my workouts and almost got them all in. Food was being tracked via photos on the blog.

I did take measurements, but not really any "official" before pictures. As I stated at the beginning of the challenge, I don't actually expect to lose 10 lbs (based on experience), it's more about holding my own over the holidays.

October Workouts:
I'm actually pretty happy with how I did - I stuck to the schedule right up until the last week when life just wasn't going according to plan. I doubled up one night and did a strength workout and a cardio session, but I still ended up being short two workouts (1 strength, 1 cardio). I can live with that.

The fact that Angie's Challenge workouts are short really helps. Most of the time it's pretty easy to squeeze them in. If I have time, I will add on a bit, but if I don't have time for extra, at least I managed to do something.

Here's the recap:

Oct 29: Workout A + Treadmill walk/jog[40 mins]
Oct 27: Sun Salutation Flow #1 + Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[40 mins]
Oct 26: Workout B[20 mins]
Oct 25: Treadmill walk/jog[37 mins]
Oct 23: Workout A[20 mins]
Oct 22: Treadmill walk/jog[37 mins]
Oct 21: Workout B + extra strength/cardio[30 mins]
Oct 20: Treadmill walk/jog[30 mins]
Oct 19: Workout A + extra supersets[30]
Oct 18 Treadmill walk/jog[35 mins]
Oct 16: Workout B[20 mins]
Oct 15: Treadmill walk/jog[45 mins]
Oct 14: Workout A + light cardio[30 mins]
Oct 13: Treadmill walk/jog[30 mins]
Oct 12: Treadmill Warmup + Workout B[40 mins]
Oct 10: Treadmill Interval Walk[60 mins]
Oct 09: Cardio Warmup + Workout A + Stability Ball/Pilates/Yoga[30 mins]
Oct 08: Treadmill walk/jog[45 mins]
Oct 07: FCE Holiday Challenge October Workout B[20 mins]
Oct 06: Treadmill walk/jog[30 mins]
Oct 05: FCE Holiday Challenge October Workout A + Treadmill walk[45 mins]
Oct 03: 2 hrs in the garden
Oct 02: Treadmill walk/jog[45 mins]
Oct 01: Treadmill walk[47 mins]

November Plan:

For November I have a new workout plan - Intervals are still on the schedule for cardio, but two new strength routines to look forward to.

I'd also been kicking around the idea of tracking calories for a while, and as I mention in my post from earlier this evening, after seeing that Angie and Lynn have re-committed to Weight Watchers I decided that for this month I will start tracking my calories again. Ultimately, I'd like to never have to count again, but for now I feel like every once in a while I need to see how I'm doing.

So that is my goal for November, and to keep up with the food blogging as well, as I do think it helps.

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KefirGirl said...

whoa - that's a crazy impressive workout plan! Kudos to you!