Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tex-Mex Week Continues

Leftovers from yesterday

I mentioned standing at my freezer contemplating lunch options yesterday. Here is what I was contemplating (minus the container of Bean Balls & Rice I had yesterday).


As of this morning there were 3 containers of Bean Balls & Rice, 3 containers of Moroccan Stew for lunches. There are also 2 small containers and 1 large container of the Marinara sauce I made on Saturday. It’s a well stocked freezer! 

And when I sent Husband to the basement for Salsa last night, this is where he went:


Lots of homemade salsa and jam to get us through the winter.

On to today

Yesterday was so cold, it was the first time we came home from work and the house was freezing. I’ve been saying all along that this winter is not going to be fun because we couldn’t get any firewood. I think yesterday was the first time Husband started to get what I was talking about. Yeah, we can turn up the electric heat, but that’s going to be expensive and it’s just not the same.

Today, the weather warmed up again. I’m loving it; I wish it would stay this way until January.



And coffee on the way to work; you can keep your Starbucks Red Cup because I’ve got a Moose cup.  :)


For lunch today I had Rockin’ Moroccan Stew.


I ate the apple around 3:00, then around 4:00 I was hungry again, so I raided my desk drawer for a snack.


Quittin’ Time

Husband was ready to go a little early today which was good because they were in the process of blocking off the streets for the Olympic Torch Ceremony tonight. We made it out of town just in time. Can’t say it was a nice night for an outdoor ceremony – it was relatively warm, but it was raining. Does not sound like fun to me.

After feeding the cats I made directly for the treadmill. For some reason my interval session felt hard today, but I got through it. I usually walk for 10 minutes at the end of my intervals to cool down, but today I was enjoying my tunes and I kept telling myself “I’ll just do five more minutes” and I ended up doing 20 minutes of walking, for a total 45 minutes of cardio. I got to that point where I was suddenly feeling fantastic, like I could go forever. Gotta love endorphins. But I have learned my lesson (I hope) and I stopped at 45 minutes.

Dinner was easy – Tex-Mex Taco Soup was all ready and waiting in the slow cooker. There were two tortillas and some refried beans left too, so I decided to use them up and make a couple of quesadillas.


Inside each tortilla is refried beans and my favorite cheddar.


Balderson makes fantastic cheddar – Old Cheddar being the best as far as I’m concerned. They make really good aged White Cheddar as well. The 2 year old comes in convenient single serving packages, which is great for taking to work or if you have issues with portion control and cheese. *Ahem!*


Husband was starving and came for a bowl of soup while I was making the quesadillas. Poor guy. The soup was ready; he could have helped himself at any time. For some reason he seems to think he has to wait for me.

This felt like fancy dinner.


IMG_7884 IMG_7885

It tasted like awesome dinner.

There was still a little of the refried beans left, so I heated it up and dolloped it on top of my soup, then added some cheese. Oh yes I did.

I seriously enjoyed this dinner. There is soup leftover for tomorrow night, but sadly no refried beans or tortillas. Oh well.

And you know I had dessert:


Before I go, here’s a hello from the Fabulous Felines.



Good night!


Anonymous said...

We have a woodstove too. I'm not too fond of it mainly because we're not home alot during the week so it's not very effective. IE the house only gets to a decent temp when we're going to bed. Last year we didn't use the stove and our power bill was huuuuuuuge so we're really trying now.

JavaChick said...

It is harder on week nights, that's for sure, but I still found it made a difference for us. Especially since the wood stove is in the basement, where we open the window to let the cats out into their enclosure. We're going to miss it this year.