Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And We're Back...

So, things have been a bit crazy.

Last week Moon was sick. Then of course I caught his cold/flu, whatever it was. So I was not feeling well, but dragging myself to work anyway because we had a serious deadline. So I just kept popping Advil Cold & Sinus pills and drinking orange juice, promising myself I just had to make it to the weekend and then I could rest.

On Friday the realization hit me that I was going to have to work the weekend. For a few minutes there I could have cried. But I was starting to feel a bit better, and you do what you have to do, right?

So I was at the office all day Saturday. Worked from home on Sunday. Nothing got done around the house, except for a bit of cleaning that Moon did on Saturday while I was at work. But he still was not feeling well, so he didn't exactly have a whole lot of energy for cleaning....not like it's his favourite thing to do at the best of times. No laundry done. No grocery shopping. No cooking ahead for the week.

I just felt exhausted and defeated.

I did get back to my workouts on Sunday. Did Hi-Def Sculpt on Sunday, this time with 5 lbs...Still want to take it easy until I'm familiar with all the moves. Cardio Party yesterday. Today nothing because Moon had to be at the office early, so I didn't have time. According to The Firm's Workout plan, this was supposed to be a rest day anyway.

Eating is tough this week, no grocery shopping means no meal plans and I am still coming home and working in the evenings. I'll be glad when this project is done.

Tonight Moon wanted Wendy's. So, I looked up their nutrition info and decided to have the Ultimate Chicken Grill and a side salad. Sadly, it was disappointing. Definitely will not order that again. The chicken had a weird texture and there was not a lot of flavour.

I don't eat much fast food. Never eat McDonald's or Burger King, but I do usually like Wendy's. Did not like this though. And when I have a disappointing meal, I don't feel satisfied and I end up looking for something else to eat.

I will be glad when Friday rolls around and my points reset and the weekend will be here so I can do some grocery shopping and planning and hopefully next week will be better.

Now, tired, off to bed.

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