Thursday, October 25, 2007


Can't claim to be surprised at the number on the scale this morning. There was an unfortunate encounter with a jar of honey roasted peanuts last night, and the peanuts won. Bye-bye Flex Points.

Ordered more workout DVDs last night. I've already got quite a collection going, but now that I work out at home rather than the gym, I do use them a lot. So I discovered that Ellen Barrett is the instructor on two of the Self workout DVDs and I just love my other Ellen Barret DVDs (I have 5 of them) so I thought I'd give those a try. Then I finally got around to going to Ellen Barrett's website [] and discovered that she does have a new DVD....Hmm...Tempting...But I should hold off on that.

Freezing, freezing cold in the office again today. Fortunately I dressed warm, but my hands are like ice.

Daily Record

Weight: 137

BF: Multigrain Cheerios w/2% Milk, coffee
Lunch: Morroccan Chickpea Soup, Apple
Snack: yogurt, strawberries, raspberries
Supper: ??

A.M. Workout: Fat Burning Pilates

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I had a similarly unfortunate encounter with some chocolate covered almonds last night.

I think the fact that nuts are healthy leads me to abuse them somewhat. Oh well, today's a new day and they've been stashed on a higher shelf. Either I'll resist or I'll burn a couple calories dragging a chair over to retrieve them again. (& good luck with peanunt temptation!)