Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fat Blasting Boot Camp Review

Back in the spring MizFit gave away a Fat Blasting Boot Camp eBook, courtesy of Angie Schumacher. I was fortunate enough to be the recipient and I started the program at the beginning of June.

The program has 4 parts - an intro phase and then three different workout routines. Each one of these parts consists of 3 workouts per week; the intro phase last two weeks, then each of the other phases is 4 weeks. Each workout includes strength, cardio and abdominal circuits. Altogether, the program should take 14 weeks. As I had a couple of busy weeks during the summer, with lots of traveling, I took a three week hiatus after the first 6 weeks. But once I started up again, I kept going right through to the end.

I want to say up front that I am a person who normally has a hard time sticking to a set workout schedule. I can do it for a little while, but not usually for a prolonged period. So, first off, I am a little bit impressed with myself for completing the entire program - albeit with a break part way through. Editing for clarity - It's not that I don't work out regularly, more that I do not tend to stick with a regimented schedule or routine; I like to go with the flow. I try to get in a good mix of strength, cardio and flexibility, but I do tend to choose workouts based on mood or how I feel energy-wise.

I liked that the routines were short and sweet - I ranged from 25 - 40 minutes, depending on the workout. I felt like I worked hard during that 25 - 40 minutes, and it was great to feel like I could get in a good workout in that short amount of time - easy to fit into my schedule.

I found that the workouts definitely had a progression - particularly with the strength circuits. I felt like I was building up to harder moves. There were some things that I was impressed with myself for being able to do, some things that remained difficult all the way through. There is also room to adjust and make things easier or harder, depending on your fitness level.

It does require some equipment - mat, stability ball, bench or step, chair and either a medicine ball, dumbbells or kettlebell. I would say that the kettlebell is optional, but you really do need the medicine ball and dumbbells. I actually don't have a medicine ball, but I have a 5 lb weighted ball that I used in the cases where I could not substitute a dumbbell. I do have kettlebells, so I used those for some moves.

If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said that I was enjoying the Boot Camp program, but looking forward to finishing so that I could get back to doing some of my other workouts that I was missing. But I have to say, the past couple of weeks I've been thinking that I don't want to be finished with the Boot Camp. I feel that I've got a good routine going at the moment. The Fat Blasting Boot Camp works well with my schedule - Mondays & Wednesdays I can come home from work and get in my Boot Camp workout right away, then get the third one in on Saturday; I try for some additional cardio at least two more days during the week. I guess I'm liking not having to stop and think about what my workout is going to be, and the fact that I can get it done fast. On the days when I think I'm not in the mood, or I'm feeling too tired, I can remind myself that it won't take long. So, at this point I am seriously thinking that I am going to start over again at the beginning. I can't say for sure that I will make it all the way through a second time, but right now this is working for me and I feel like I want to keep going with it.

Thanks again MizFit & Angie!

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